Winemaking at Domaine de la Maurette 2017

Presentation of the techniques of pigeage and reassembly during the vinification of red wines at Domaine de la Maurette. Part 1

Crumbling & draining at Domaine de la Maurette

It is done after the bottling of the harvest, when the alcoholic fermentation is complete, to separate the young wine (wine drop) from the tank, solid parts (skins and pips) which remain at the end of fermentation (the marc) is called draining. The marc will also be removed from the tank, it is called racking. Then it will be pressed, it is the pressing that will give a wine more tannic that will call wine press. It can be assembled, in whole or in part, the wine of dripping from the draining.

Bottling of rosé millésime 2015

Vine pruning Domaine de la Maurette

Night harvesting

Tuesday, September 8, 2015, early in the morning, it feels cool, and these are ideal conditions for optimum mechanical harvesting. This video pictures collection process, from land to mill! To be continued ...

Harvesting 2015

Early in the morning, the team of pickers enters the full harvest swing. Watch the video to see this morning atmosphere, clicking of pruning shear accompanied by birds signing.